Bart Verkerke
Technical-Scientific director SPRINT
University Medical Center Groningen

EIT Label for CEMACUBE EIT Entrepreneur Track

CEMACUBE EIT Track is an MSc formed when six universities joined forces to train students in innovation and entrepreneurship in biomedical engineering. The programme is applying for the recognition of the EIT Label. Industrial experts participate in the programme with guest lectures and offer internships to create cross-organisational mobility. The requirement that students change university after one year creates international mobility.

Course/Programme Objectives: The CEMACUBE EIT Innovation Entrepreneur Track in Biomedical Engineering (BME) provides students with skills to realise a medical device to enhance healthy ageing by transforming the present disease care (cure) into a true health care: keep healthy citizens healthy. Students  work in co-creation with stakeholders (patients, citizens, medics, industry) to create prototypes of medical devices, test them in a real-life setting, create business plans, prepare CE-certification and a patent application. Potentially, this will lead to an EIT Health Proof-of-Concept or Head Start project or an Innovation by Ideas or Design project. The CEMACUBE EIT Track is run by the Universities of Groningen (coordinator; together with the University Medical Center Groningen), Ghent (together with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Prague, Aachen and Dublin. It also involves many industrial partners, like EIT Partners Philips, Medtronic and Siemens. Students can make the transition from academia to industry where they, as part of the broader EIT Health alumni, will become the entrepreneurs of the future with a European outlook, possessing experience in intercultural and interdisciplinary teamwork and a broad understanding of BME.

Target Groups: The EIT Track is meant for students that follow the CEMACUBE (Common European MAster's CUrriculum in Biomedical Engineering) programme. User-centred Product Design (thinking) is their passion. Six European universities, well-recognised in all relevant biomedical engineering specializations, provide this 120 ECTS educational programme, including 60 ECTS of international and cross-organizational mobility, with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.

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