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University of Barcelona

A narrative approach to improve citizens' ageing and well-being (CCentre)

Course/Programme Description: This Campus programme employs an innovative narrative educational format for healthcare service providers based on older citizen’s personal stories. We aim to place citizens’ desires and needs at the heart of healthcare to ensure that their well-being is given due importance. The story-based approach will ensure that professionals better understand the worlds of seniors. An online platform will involve citizens in a co-creation process. Cascade-training will multiply the impact.

Course/Programme Objectives: The aim of the project is to offer a new form of education that uses narrative-based training to foster the kind of paradigm shift to citizen-centred healthcare that has been identified as a vital goal in the EIT Health strategic agenda. The story-based approach entails twofold innovation: Firstly, it puts citizens’ desires, wishes, priorities and underlying story lines at the heart of healthcare services and at the centre of training for professionals. Secondly, it offers an innovative form of healthcare training, which, after the proof-of-concept in this proposal, can be used in training of other target groups. The project combines the training activities developed within CCentre since 2016 with novel narrative-based education. It consists of professional training that develops narrative education and two currently piloted programmes that aim to integrate narrative training. Thus, the activity innovates while retaining the sustainability of EIT Health programmes, thereby optimising the attainability of KPIs, deliverables and output.

Target audience: The project addresses health services providers and gives them narrative-based training while scaling some of the other education programmes developed in CCentre (2017). The cascade-training methodology ensures that those professionals can in-turn train other professionals. The professionals targeted include middle management, physicians, nurses, formal carers, psychologists and pharmacists. The project also addresses policy-makers as key actors in the transformation of healthcare systems.


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