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A narrative approach to improve citizens' ageing
and well-being

This activity offers healthcare professionals a narrative-based educational format, built around seniors' personal stories. Training that incorporates the stories seniors share about their day-to-day lives ensures that professionals have a better understanding of patients, and are better able to meet their needs. This innovative educational approach, piloted in 2018, will be scaled-up and made available in an online toolkit for other partners in 2019. 

About this activity

CCentre executes and disseminates narrative-based training for professionals, with the goal of developing more citizen-centred healthcare. The story-based approach entails a two-fold innovation. First, it puts the focus of healthcare training on older persons’ desires, wishes and priorities, instead of focusing on clinical cases. Second, it offers an innovative form of training in healthcare that can be adapted and personalised for a variety of health-services professionas. In 2018, CCentre piloted the proof-of-concept for this educational format, training several groups of professionals based on a limited amount of narratives in specific geographic areas. In 2019 CCentre aims to expand the geographic implementation of the product, piloting a quantitative approach to narratives and developing an online toolkit with tips and tricks for other partners interested in narrative education.

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