Anne-sophie Gresle
Project Manager
Fundación privada Instituto de Salud Global Barcelona

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Co-Creating Innovative Solutions for Health (CRISH)

Course/Programme Description: CRISH’s main objective is to bring together key stakeholders of the health sector, including patients, who will learn to co-create innovative processes, products or services that will promote/improve the health of populations through the identification of unmet needs. This training will be delivered via a two-day short course, followed by a month of online sessions and finally by a last face-to-face wrap-up session. The original short course will provide knowledge, skills and tools on patient experience methodology (XPA), responsible research and innovation components (RRI), entrepreneurship elements (ENT), and reciprocity and co-design methods (RcD), for a variety of health stakeholders.

Course/Programme Objectives:

  • Providing theory, skills and fundamental tools for co-creating and co-designing research and innovation projects

  • Providing multidisciplinary knowledge allowing health professionals, researchers, managers etc. to work together with patients and the public in general on emerging trends in health

  • Accelerating change and reducing the know-do gap

Learning Outcomes:

  • Increased health literacy and better knowledge on health system

  • Stimulating patient centered care and increasing innovative solutions to improve healthcare/services delivery

  • Conducting research in a more inclusive manner

  • Increasing value for money in healthcare innovations

  • Incorporating patients’ views in the decisions

Target Group: Managers; Researchers; Entrepreneurs; Health Professionals; Patients; Ethics Committees



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