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Eric Asaba
Associate Professor & Head of Division
Karolinska Institutet

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CARE Campus

Caregiving and Ageing Reimagined for Europe

EIT Health Campus started CARE to develop standardised, professional training for elder carers. CARE 2.0 transitions this effort from an educational partnership to one of the largest training and advocacy networks for caregiving in Europe. CARE partners have developed a unique comprehensive training programme for caregiving. Building on this in 2019, we are leveraging an even broader network to disseminate the training, expand language offerings, inform policy makers, drive professional certification, and reach citizens across Europe, particularly carers and their families, to improve care.

About this activity

The CARE work plan for 2019 will focus on making the CARE curriculum more accessible through language adaptations, as well as through a growth of our CARE network, to disseminate and make the products accessible to thousands of carers across Europe. The work plan includes five work packages (WPs):

  • WP1. Coordination of Sustainability: Reporting progress to EIT Health and supporting the WP leads, and coordination and management of the sustainability plan developed in 2018.
  • WP2. European Translation Adaptation Initiative: Adapting and translating the curriculum into French, Spanish, German and Portuguese, and establishing a model for translation.
  • WP 3. Dissemination for Awareness: Marketing activities to build an identity within our target groups, and to bring our MOOCs to their attention.
  • WP 4. Dissemination for Understanding: Giving groups in our CARE network a deeper understanding of our MOOC courses and their benefits through events and an ambassador program.
  • WP 5. Dissemination for Action: Training activities aimed to equip groups with a full understanding of our work through experiencing, completing and evaluating MOOCs, as well as development of CARE certification.

Prof. Lefkos Middelton discusses CARE CAMPUS

External Partner:

  • HI Global Holdings Limited 

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