Alexandre Duclos
Project manager

Digital E-Labs (D-Labs)

Course/Programme Description: Digital E-Labs aims at the efficient promotion of healthy ageing, improvement of healthcare and support for active ageing through the development and sharing of knowledges (results, metodologies, tools, forum). It will improve collaboration among E-Labs, and also between E-Labs and Living Labs. Digital-Lab will:

  • Provide all the European E-Labs with a platform allowing them to share results, methodologies, live experiments and educational contents
  • Provide a platform allowing smooth communication between students, teachers, searchers, and seniors participating in research programs, pilots, acceptability, usage or economic evaluation
  • Provide access to students involved in the E-Labs and Living Labs testing

Course/Programme Objectives:

  • Sharing methodologies, MOOCs and results between E-Labs in Europe

  • Communication between all stakeholders

Learning Outcomes:

  • Providing all European E-Labs a platform, allowing them to share results, methodologies, live experiments and educational contents

  • Allowing smooth communications between students, teachers, searchers and old persons participating in the research

  • Providing students involved in the E-Labs with access to living Labs experiments

Target Group:

  • Students

  • Researchers

  • Living and E Labs

  • Participants in experiments

EIT Health partners in this project