Campus activities continue running without EIT Health funding

Ursula Muehle
Director of Education
EIT Health

The ultimate measures of success for Campus training activities is that they prove to be so effective that EIT Health Partners and other organisations choose to continue them after their initial period of EIT Health support ends.

Examples of such successes include:


euVENTION (pictured above) is a dynamic course, in which real-life cases are used to catalyse innovative solutions while participants are mentored through the necessary steps and tools to create their own start-up. euVENTION provides PhD students and young professionals the opportunity to improve prevention and treatment options for those at risk or suffering from chronic diseases. Due to the success of euVENTION, a two-week summer school on innovation in chronic disease intervention held at the University of Heidelberg in 2017, the course, initially founded through EIT Health, is being replicated by new funders in 2018.

Advanced Management Programme on Health Innovation 

The Advanced Management Programme on Health Innovation prepares top executives to face the demands of the evolving healthcare challenges – in Europe and beyond. The course, which is affiliated with the EIT Health Innovation Educators Network, equips leaders in the healthcare sector to drive the kind of innovation that is key to future sustainablity. It gives them the knowledge they need to lead the changes in existing systems and to develop new services and solutions.

The activity page for the original programme is here. Campus is currently running a network to encourage development of similar training on health innovation.

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Innovating Solutions for Aging Populations

The summer school on Innovating Solutions for Aging Populations was originally developed as an EIT Health Campus activity, which ran in 2016 and 2017. In 2018, the course it will be anchored at the University of Copenhagen, where it has been included in the course catalogue. Based on novel teaching methods, the two-week on-campus course includes intense group and case work. As part of the academic assessment, a competition for the best innovation and business plans is included.

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Among the MOOCs supported by Campus, a few have been rerun without EIT Health support. One of the most successful of these is “Healthy Ageing in 6 Steps. Let your environment do the work.” the course has more than 8,500 participants from 140 countries enrolled in the first two editions. Now it is being operated by the Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing. One of the challenges of EIT Health’s strategy to encourage “citizen-centred active ageing and well-being”, is to reach (senior) citizens and transfer scientific knowledge and best practices to a broad general audience without a medical degree or profession. This MOOC addresses that challenge in an innovative, engaging educational product.

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