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Ten Start-ups win Innovation Journey finals

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Ten Start-ups win Innovation Journey finals

Innovative projects will receive grants of up to €40 000 and a year of support

04 July 2017
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Ten start-ups won prizes of as much as €40 000 during the 29 June pitch-competition finals of "Innovation Journey from Education to Business", an EIT Health France programme that offers one year of support in order to speed the emergence of new innovative healthcare solutions.

Winners of a €40 000 grant: 

  • TELOMIUM, implements a breakthrough innovation in the production of telomerase in order to prepare a therapeutic product with unique formulation expected to lead to a new standard of success for cancer immunotherapy

  • EZYGAIN, develops a smart and connected treadmill with a body weight lightening system, for walking and gait rehabilitation

  • In HEART, provides a Google Maps for cardiologists that transform patient cardiac images into a personalized digital 3D map of their heart, with the aim to guide interventions

Winners of a €25 000 grant: 

  • DEEPOR, offers solutions based on artificial intelligence to optimize the use of time

  • LSEE is the first “metabolic tracker” that allows to burn fat efficiently and to avoid useless efforts thanks to real time measurement of fat oxidation biomarkers

  • MEYKO is an amusing and interactive companion who helps asthmatic children to improve controller medication adherence

  • MORPHEE+, develops a small radar which allows to detect fallings and provides data on respiratory and cardiac paces of elderlies 

  • ONIRIS is currently developing a new generation of connected mandibular advancement splint including an embedded sensor, a software engine and a mobile application

  • RHEOMUCO uses rheology to offer a personalized monitoring of patients affected by allergic rhinitis

  • WE FIGHT provides an artificial intelligence as a service, named Vik, which dialogues with cancer patients by personalized insights to improve their quality of life and to prevent relapses

This program is a part of the 2017 European Call for Application “Headstart and Proof of Concept Funding” focusing on the major objectives of EIT Health: Support active aging, promote healthy life and improve health. The original aspect of the Innovation Journey from Education to Business is to support collaboration and create opportunities between problems owners, solutions’ providers and the EIT Health ecosystem. This program provides an innovation cycle, where the innovative solutions are focused on citizens’ problems.

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Soon a video of the event will be published to immerse you into the atmosphere of this event, stay tuned.