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Success Stories




Non-medicinal soft robotic for the best night’s rest

14 June 2017
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Somnox™ specializes in soft-robotic innovation to improve the quality of your night’s sleep. It is the first non-medicinal soft robotic to actively help you sleep.

One in five people in Europe suffer from sleep deprivation, meaning a good night’s sleep is not a reality. This results in a lack of energy and even depression. Current solutions consist of addictive medicines with unwanted side-effects.

Together with a team of four engineers from the TU Delft, supported by sleep experts we tackled this huge problem with an effective technical solution.

Somnox is the first non-medicinal soft robotic to actively help you sleep. During nighttime, the user will feel Somnox breathe. Multiple studies have proven that by feeling a breathing rhythm you will fall asleep more easily and experience more deep sleep. Somnox aims to be the number one solution to completely remove the need for sleep medication. 

Somnox is the first of its kind to fight insomnia as a soft robotic – one that the user "spoons" during the night. If the user does so, Somnox will know if you are awake or asleep. If awake, Somnox will tickle your senses at the right moment to get you to sleep. Somnox also assists in breathing regulation. Once you cuddle Somnox you will actually feel it breathe, it will synchronize to you. (phyiscal sensation of breathing). This will influence the breathing of the user resulting in a peaceful state of breathing. (thousands of years of yoga breathing techniques have been studied and programmed into the robotic).

Other sleep-inducing features are: sounds (tell you bedtime stories / enable white noise), temperature regulation and lights to wake you up. Somnox is fully autonomous and will give you a personal “treatment” based upon the personal settings you give through the accompanied mobile application.

Somnox. Realizing Dreams.  

Results to date

In 2016, Somnox was founded as a company presenting the working prototype to the world. This was followed by lots of publications around the globe and lots of mails of insomniacs who are in need of a non-medicinal solution such as Somnox. To date, we have over 3000 registered potential customers and multiple signed LOI’s. We have been awarded multiple prestigious awards (James Dyson Design Award, RobotDalen Innovation Awards, EIT Health Launchlab winner) and grants that enable us to realize our dreams and that of many others. 

Benefits of EIT Health support

  • Alumni of EIT Health LaunchLab: “We validated our launching customer and value proposition, resulting in the first 300 registered potential customers. It also enabled us to  expand our network throughout Europe with sleep disorder experts and various testbeds,” the company reports. 
  • Participated in EIT Health Business Plan Agregator: “Due to the EIT Health BPA we now a validated business plan that we can proudly present to potential investors. EIT Health also put us in contact with an expanded network of investors, doctors and living labs,” the company reports. 
  • Attended and pitched at the EIT Health Journalists Thematic Networking Meeting, Paris in May 2017, with the resulting pan-European media exposure.

Vision & goals

We believe in a world where soft robotics contribute to our health and wellbeing. Somnox is the first step towards this world where people are not dependent on addictive medication to be able to fall asleep. In 5 years millions of people will have a soft robotic companion to help them live a happy and energetic life. 

Team Members (founders)

Julian Jagtenberg (Industrial Design Engineer), Stijn Antonisse (Mechanical Engineer), Wouter Kooyman van Guldener (Computer Scientist), Job Engel (Computer Scientist). Location: Delft, The Netherlands

Contact: Julian Jagtenberg