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Second EIT Health Think Tank Roundtable on Big Data hosted by the University of Oxford

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Second EIT Health Think Tank Roundtable on Big Data hosted by the University of Oxford

Experts on Big Data in Healthcare suggest innovative solutions to improve healthcare systems

25 July 2018
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“We need to use existing Big Data to its full potential to improve healthcare”, says Jan-Philipp Beck, CEO of EIT Health, at “Big Data in Healthcare”, an EIT Health Think Tank roundtable hosted by the University of Oxford on 20 July 2018. Representatives from the NHS, the world of academia, including the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge and Trinity College Dublin, and industry (AstraZeneca, Phillips) joined this regional roundtable to discuss the needs of the healthcare system in the UK and Ireland, exchanged views on the main barriers to the implementation of innovative health solutions in the sector and proposed possible solutions to address these issues.

This regional roundtable discussion was based on the outcomes of a pan-European Working Group meeting on Big Data held on 24 January 2018, at the EIT House in Brussels. This meeting, which saw the participation of numerous experts in the field of Big Data in Healthcare, was organised as part of a series of activities launched by the EIT Health Think Tank to engage institutions, EIT Health Partners, and healthcare stakeholders in the transformation of healthcare systems in Europe.

The EIT Health Think Tank was set up to facilitate a dialogue between healthcare providers, payers and innovators in order to match “demand and supply” of innovative health solutions. It does this by identifying barriers that hinder the large-scale implementation of these solutions and creating cross-European collaborations to overcome them, with the ultimate aim of facilitating the adoption of innovation and improving the sustainability of healthcare systems across Europe.

Thanks to the suggestions made in this regional roundtable in the UK and the future recommendations that will arise from similar discussions in Spain and Scandinavia, EIT Health will be in the position to further accelerate the implementation of innovative healthcare solutions and scale them at European level so as to deliver an ever-increasing positive impact on the lives of European citizens. 

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