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Finalists Selected to Pitch for EIT Health Germany Headstart Awards Valued at €50 000

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Finalists Selected to Pitch for EIT Health Germany Headstart Awards Valued at €50 000

Pitching will take place at the EIT Health Germany Annual Symposium

28 September 2018
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EIT Health Germany is pleased to announce that 12 additional start-ups were selected for the final stage of the EIT Health Headstart Funding Programme 2018. The start-ups will present their projects during a pitch competition on 22 October 2018 as part of EIT Health Germany’s Annual Symposium in Mannheim. To stay with the theme of pitching aboard the “Königin Sylvia” this will be our second edition this year of the Ship for Health Innovation Pitches.


After the pitches, the jury will select the best start-ups. Four winners will be awarded with a €50 000 grant at the end of the Annual Symposium on 23 October 2018. This prize money will support each awardee in realising their next steps towards the market and shorten the time-to-market for their innovative products and services.

The 12 start-ups that will pitch during EIT Health Germany’s Annual Symposium are the following:

  • ALAnostics - ALAnostics are a speciality Biopharmaceutical company, and a spin-off from the University of Geneva, developing tumour paint to help surgeons identify and remove breast cancer in real-time during breast conserving surgery. The company is headquartered in the MassChallenge offices at Renens, at the heart of the Swiss start-up community in Vaud.
  • BOCAhealth - BOCAhealth is a platform solution where sensors and personalised data of the patients are analysed by artificial intelligence and help the doctor in the management of the fluid balance of patients with heart failure and kidney disease both in the hospital and for home monitoring
  • DaMedic - 50% of working hours of medical staff are spend on administrative and organisational tasks, which generate unleveraged data pools. By using AI-methods, we create adapted workflows that take out the repetitive tasks and free work-capacity that can be spend on jobs, no computer can perform - taking care of patients. We start with the support and partial automation of documentation and billing.
  • DermaScreen - DermaScreen has developed an AI-powered algorithm that can detect melanoma with higher diagnostic accuracy than dermatologists. We will make it available to dermatologists and GPs as a medically approved diagnostic decision support software. The software allows early melanoma detection, while also reducing the number of unnecessary biopsies.
  • Dust BioSolutions - Dust BioSolutions is a start-up company focusing on industrial applications of biotechnology. Our vision is to improve sustainability and profitability of industries by optimising, customising and industrialising biotechnological processes. 
  • Heyfair - Every year, 2.6 million Europeans get an infection during their hospital stay. About 90.000 patients don’t survive. To solve these problems Heyfair has invented the world's first shortly visible disinfectant.
  • Medical Templates -  Medical Templates is making needle guided interventions safe and precise by turning a passive single-use needle guide intelligent with computer vision software. Faster procedures, no investment costs, providing safety for beginners and speed to experts, this product revolutionises how needle biopsies and aspirations are done. With CE mark, a successful soft-launch in Switzerland, published in-vitro study and a broad patent protecting it’s IP, Medical Templates is now ready to scale.
  • Pedilay – We aim to improve the care of the foot – for nursing staff, doctors and patients. With Pedilay med you support the medical treatment on the foot, for example for the wound treatment of a diabetic foot.
  • SensArs Neuroprosthetics - SensArs Neuroprosthetics is an EPFL spin-off that has developed SENSY, a unique worldwide device to restore sensory feedback to lower limb amputees from their prosthesis.
  • Thericon - We are a young international spin-off team from Fraunhofer and Uni-Heidelberg funded by a BMBF's GO-Bio programme. We strive to bring to the market real-time multispectral imaging – a new technology that will revolutionise intra-operative imaging. This will allow surgeons to simultaneously visualise multiparametric information on tissue anatomy, function, and pathology, to achieve more precise and faster surgeries with less collateral tissue damage. 
  • Treamid Therapeutics - Treamid Therapeutics (TT) identified a new drug target for treating inflammatory processes in respiratory diseases, including one orphan indication, which it is able to target with two of its patent protected, new chemical entities. A comprehensive set of non-clinical studies confirmed the safety and efficacy of its development compounds. TT is supported by Bayer Healthcare through its Berlin CoLaborator and is currently raising an A round that will take one candidate to clinical stage.
  • Unstumble - Unstumble is a pavement sensing device for the blind. It has a size of a mirror camera, hanging against user's chest. The special configuration laser radar scans the pavement with millimeter precision. AI powered interface creates a tactile representation of the pavement, replacing the white cane.

Click here to learn more about the EIT Health Headstart Programme.

For inspiration watch the video below of the most recent Ship For Health Innovation Pitches and some of the winners (feelSpace, inveox, LARALAB, MUNEVO, nanoleq, Sleepiz AG) pitching in front of the jury.

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