EIT Health Summit 2019

EIT Health Summit 2019

Paris, France, 02 Dec 2019 - 03 Dec 2019

Registration is open here for our annual Summit, which has the theme of "Defining unmet need – how much does it matter?" and will be held at the Palais Brongniart in the heart of the French capital, thanks to the generous support of the City of Paris and the kind hosting of our Co-Location Centre in France.

More than 700 multi-disciplinary stakeholders, representing the entire healthcare innovation landscape, are expected to come together for two days, to hear from and interact with experts and opinion leaders, decision makers and cutting-edge innovators on the topics most relevant in healthcare today.

Innovation for innovation sake will no longer have a place in an ever changing and demanding healthcare landscape. Needs-based health innovation is fundamental to generate true transformation in the lives of patients and citizens. How do we create innovation that meets both the societal needs of today, and yet is future proofed for tomorrow? A solution that does not meet a clear unmet need, or addresses a gap in the market, has little chance of navigating the complex path to market. The shift towards supporting health innovations that truly meet healthcare’s biggest challenges must be reinforced – this is reflected not only within EIT Health, but is also recognised in the new framework programme of Horizon Europe, which is specifically focused with its missions approach.

EIT Health Summit 2019 will be looking at the health innovation pathway end to end – from needs validation, ideation, co-creation, research and development, and funding to regulation and reimbursement. We will explore the mechanisms by which innovators and entrepreneurs can strengthen their solutions, through the understanding of real unmet needs, and how to expedite delivery of solutions to patients and citizens within an evolving political and policy environment.

We will bring together specialists representing all stages of the innovation pathway, to offer valuable insight into how to build a clear societal needs-based and value-based proposition from the earliest time point in the process of taking an idea to market entry and adoption. We will also work to increase understanding of the myriad factors to consider on the innovation pathway – from defining real value and impact for patients and citizens to understanding changing evidential needs and defining what really matters.

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