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EIT Health Smart-Up Lab 2018

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EIT Health Smart-Up Lab 2018

Enabling students to collaborate in small groups on major health challenges

03 August 2018
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Designed to support the creation of innovative business initiatives in the healthcare sector, Smart-Up Lab is based on the E-Lab concept and enables students to collaborate in small groups on major health challenges. The Lab was launched thanks to the Department of Economics, Management, Institutions (DEMI) - University of Naples "Federico II" (UNINA) and the Centre of Innovation and Technology Transfer of the Medical University (CITT) in Lodz.

Through activities such as training, workshops, challenges, hackathons, mentoring, networking and events, those business projects of economic and social value are selected, supported and presented to EIT Health.

Out of the 45 applications received, 24 students, graduates and doctoral fellows from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds participated in the lab. They made up four disciplinary teams and 30 people were involved with running the project.

Learn more about the E-lab programme here.

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