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EIT Health Scandinavia Think Tank: Biobanks and quality registers

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EIT Health Scandinavia Think Tank: Biobanks and quality registers

Focus: How to improve healthcare in Scandinavia by using existing biobanks, quality registers and big data

20 June 2018
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The Think Tank brings together groups of experts, drawing on the strength and expertise of the Partner Network, to debate key topics of interest suggested by the Steering Committee. The aim of the expert groups is to provide information and advice to EIT Health who will in turn use this to drive forward the initiatives that will have a positive impact on citizen and patient health, as well as healthcare systems all around Europe.

On 13 August, high level professionals and experts from Scandinavian universities, healthcare providers, municipalities and industry will meet in Stockholm to share their insights on how to utilise existing biobanks, registers and big data to their full potential to improve healthcare in Scandinavia. Furthermore, these stakeholders will collaborate in proposing actionable recommendations on how EIT Health can help overcome barriers and support innovative solutions through both funded and non-funded activities.

The Round Table, hosted by EIT Health Scandinavia, will kick-off with EIT Health’s CEO Jan-Philipp Beck. This Round Table is part of a series of round tables surrounding the topic of “Big Data”. One has been held in Spain (May 2018) and an additional round table will be held in the UK in July 2018.

Learn more about the EIT Health Think Tank here.

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