EIT Health Matchmaking event for Business Plan 2021: Barcelona

EIT Health Matchmaking event for Business Plan 2021: Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain, 23 Oct 2019 - 24 Oct 2019

At this strategic Partners' event, EIT Health supports meaningful community networking and aims to accelerate projects between our partners by giving a space for pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings to establish new and fruitful collaborations.

The event in Barcelona, the first of three Matchmaking events, starts with collaborative sessions for Campus and Accelerator activities. At the core of the following two days will be the pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings, which allow partners to enhance their project proposals and to have plenty of networking opportunities.

Like the other two Matchmaking events, this one is for EIT Health Partners only.

About the Matchmaking events

Partners who register for any of the Matchmaking events can use the designated website to describe their interests or project ideas, and the types of partnerships they want to make. After the registration deadline the participants will be able to then go online again, review the profiles of other partners to find those with matching needs, and pre-schedule one-to-one meetings with the right partners before the Matchmaking event.

The main objectives of the EIT Health Matchmaking events are to:

  • Deliver key information and updates regarding EIT Health's Business Plan 2021 Calls.
  • Organise individual partner's meeting on project proposals and possible partnerships.
  • Enable partners to network and get to know each other.

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