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EIT Health-accelerated start-up launches innovative AI yoga app

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EIT Health-accelerated start-up launches innovative AI yoga app

InnoStars Awards Winner wants to revolutionise the way we practice yoga

28 August 2019
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YogaNotch is an innovative app developed by Notch Interfaces, a Hungarian start-up that won an EIT Health InnoStars Award in 2016. Almost three years after the team received EIT Health support, they have launched an intelligent application and smart device. These products are already available for the smartphone and can transform the way we practice asanas (yoga positions).

YogaNotch includes an application and wearable yoga sensors, and employs an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system powered by smart devices (YogaNotch Kits) to give users feedback on their technique while they practice yoga. The application is created for all users, whether they are a beginner or a professional. Novices might like to use YogaNotch to become familiar with the basics of yoga and learn virtually how to perform individual asanas (yoga positions). Experienced yogis may use the app to timeline their practice, to get deep insights on their asana form, and to explore classes from various schools and themes. Moreover, YogaNotch enables yoga instructors to explain the nuances of different asanas to their students or to lead virtual classes.

European success thanks to EIT Health

In 2016, a team from Notch Interfaces, the creators behind YogaNotch, took part in the InnoStars Awards, one of the EIT Health InnoStars flagship programmes for micro and small enterprises, spin-offs and start-ups that already have a prototype or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

They participated in bootcamps, where they were able to get individual training and mentoring. But more importantly, they were competing with forty-eight other teams to receive top prize-smart money (€10 000) as a funding for further development. The success of YogaNotch has been spectacular. Just three years after its debut during the EIT Health InnoStars Awards, their product is now widely available and has been successively used. This story shows that the route from a business idea to the launching of a product on the market is possible, often thanks to programmes like the InnoStars Awards, which provides participants an opportunity to increase the possibilities of attracting private investment and developing their business concepts.

Results to date

  • Compiled a considerable library of 3D Asana recordings
  • EIT Health InnoStars Awards 2016
  • 14 000 notch devices worldwide now helping people to move better

Innovation: YogaNotch uses Yoga-aware Artificial Intelligence and Notch motion sensors with the aim of providing users personalized feedback in real-time.

Location: Hungary