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ACS Biotech is seeking additional funds to launch its innovation

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ACS Biotech is seeking additional funds to launch its innovation

Winner of the French CLC’s 2016 Business Plan Competition

05 July 2017
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ACS Biotech, an EIT Health-supported project and winner of the French CLC’s 2016 Business Plan Competition, is pursuing plans to launch its product in 2020.

ACS Biotech is a French company from Lyon specialized in biotechnologies, which developed an innovative injectable solution to repair damaged cartilage. A useful innovation, knowing that more than 170 million people are currently affected by degenerative osteoarthritis in the world. In addition, 2 million more patients suffer from knee damage by year.

ACS Biotech aims to repair cartilage lesions and developed an articular cartilage gel thanks to a natural, biodegradable and biocompatible polymer called chitosan, associated with cartilage cells.

"Our innovation offers a reliable and sustainable treatment thanks to a perfect control of cells before the implantation. The mini-invasive surgical technique of arthroscopy will be practised by expert orthopedic surgeons. All the treatments, for the moment, are rather palliative and, for the most advanced cases, the outcome is the installation of prostheses," said Pascale Hazot, CEO.

The evolution:

In 2014 a patent was registered and test on small animals were realized to validate the implant.

The next step will be the preclinical tests on big animals, with the aim to start the clinical tests and to launch the product on the market in 2020.

If you want to have more information on ACS Biotech you can visit their website here or discover their crowdfunding platform here.